What is the best waterproofing solution?

From the first stage of building a house, waterproofing solution should be but one of the first priorities. The material chosen is not only about avoiding the penetration of moisture and water but also about heat and sound insulation. So, what is the best waterproofing solution for the building?

What is the best waterproofing solution?
Effective waterproofing ensures the quality of the building

In Vietnam, the Southside features hot and humid climate while in the Northside, almost the time of a year sees the high percentage of humidity. Therefore, investing in waterproofing and heat insulation is always consider worth the while. Before buying any construction material, the owners always spend a lot of time considering the best overall solution to save cost and at the same time effectively operate in the long run.

The wet condition of walls and ceilings not only results in harmful mold but also carries deadly dangers. The electric sockets or wall-mounted electrical equipment are inherently safe, but when they are affected by water and moisture for a long time, it will lead to damage and reduce the durability of electronic such items in the home as television, refrigerator, washing machine. …

What is the best waterproofing solution?
G-VRO bricks do not require plastering but are extremely waterproof

The introduction of the new unburnt brick line by VRO promises to solve all the problems that most construction bricks available on the market incur. G-VRO brick composes of 2 concrete layers with the EPS foam core, all of which allow this brick line a light weight, perfect waterproofing effectiveness and heat and sound insulation. Besides, G-VRO is really Eco-friendly for its production process does not undergo high heating, neither emitting harmful emissions nor using burning materials that affect the environment and the producer.

1. Advantages of EPS foam hollow core smart brick VRO (G-VRO):
– Fast construction, clean site, directly painting without waiting time
– Lightweight, about 35-50% less than the weight of conventional brick wall
– Sound & heat insulation, waterproofing
– Durability, high hardness because the brick is made from high grade concrete (grade > #200) with reinforcement, so it is stiff enough to hang heavy stuff.
– The finished walls have different thickness options: 100-125-150-175-200-250mm. 
– The construction cost is equivalent to that of conventional brick wall 110cm and is about 10 to 15% more economical than the conventional brick wall 220cm.
– The wall is built with mortar added with plastizing admixture to form a whole block, so there is no splitting and node cracking as seen in other kinds of block wall.
– The construction process is almost similar to building large burnt bricks, so ordinary workers can also build immediately
– Production of bricks is arranged at the site to reduce transportation costs, greatly reducing product costs. Because this is a kind of unburnt brick so it’s very environmentally friendly.
– Brick can be used as a load-bearing wall to replace wall column when building a house up to 3-4 floors. In that case, steel is added the hollow bricks to create a pillar or bracing of the floor.
– It is possible to build large walls up to 10m high for projects such as factories and halls
What is the best waterproofing solution?
Villa using VRO foam core brick technology: good waterproof, perfect heat and sound insulation
Quality tests on EPS foam hollow core brick VRO (G-VRO)

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