VRO flat-plate voided slab- Vietbuild 2018

Another year, VRO accompanies the Vietbuild Hanoi 2018 held at the National Construction Exhibition Palace – 01 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. With the criteria of Integration – Technology – Peak, VRO’s flat-plate voided slab technology has always been upgraded to be more and more perfect to meet all types of projects.

sàn phẳng không dầm, sàn vượt nhịp, sàn lõi xốp vro, sàn xốp, sàn không dầm, sàn nhẹ
VRO booth at VIetbuild in 2018
This year, VRO’s booth is located at 942-939 A5 on September 7, 2018.

Like previous years, VRO’s booths are always visited by customers, partners, investors, construction contractors, architects and consulted by a team of experienced engineers of VRO about flat floor solutions without foam core beams exceeding large span. With VRO’s philosophy “Build trust – Build success”. VRO always aims to value quality, product safety, and most especially, it must be in accordance with cost and ensure safety for each type of project.

sàn phẳng không dầm, sàn vượt nhịp, sàn lõi xốp vro, sàn xốp, sàn không dầm, sàn nhẹ
Customers visit and experience VRO floor technology
sàn phẳng không dầm, sàn vượt nhịp, sàn lõi xốp vro, sàn xốp, sàn không dầm, sàn nhẹ
Customers get a real experience of VRO’s beamless flat floor products
sàn phẳng không dầm, sàn vượt nhịp, sàn lõi xốp vro, sàn xốp, sàn không dầm, sàn nhẹ
Customers are always interested and curious about the floor technology of VRO

Referring to the VRO, surely in the construction world in general and the architects in particular will not be too familiar with VRO’s proprietary technology for flat floors without beams, light floors, flat floors, flat floors that exceed large sponges with foam core 3D PANEL VRO. The application is quite popular in almost all segments from office buildings, apartments, hospitals, social housing, commercial centers. The S-VRO Foam Core Light Floor Technology owns its own exclusive patent as well as the following outstanding advantages:

Advantages of S-VRO foam voided slabs 
– Optimizing architectural space
– Reducing the floor-to-floor heights because flat-plate floors don’t have loading beam, thus saving materials and energy
– Increase the number of floors at the same designed height of the building, then increase the operation efficiency
– Longer floor span (can reach 20m)
– Simple formwork, fast construction and clean jobsite
– Reduce the volume of works at site
– Higher bearing capacity
– Using eco-friendly unburnt materials
– Reduce the finishing volume
– No need to install false ceiling but still has very good sound and heat insulation

– Production following a standard process with strict quality control

– The input materials have clear origins with due C/O

– Optimal architectural space

vro, công nghệ vro
Construction works using VRO’s slab technology

At the end of Vietbuild 2018, the only thing that remains in the memories of customers, partners and investors is the enthusiasm, dedication, practical experience and the latest modern technologies that VRO introduced. See you dear customers next year will continue to accompany VRO in the upcoming exhibitions.

Video of S-VRO S3:

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