Experience in building a family swimming pool

Family pools are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. To own a beautiful, quality, safe and cost-effective swimming pool, you should learn carefully before building. Today, the VRO will introduce you to some useful experiences to build a family pool.

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Notes for building an efficient swimming pool are still cost-optimized

Experience 1: Choose a swimming pool that suits your needs

There are 3 basic types: spill pools, intake pools and non-piped pools

a. Overflow gutters: The water level in this type of lake is as high as the lake wall, the water is filtered circulating because the inlets are arranged around the lake. This type is commonly used in plus swimming pools or hotels.

Advantages: for the best water quality and ensuring electrical safety, can install other equipment such as swimming pool heater, hydraulic massage device …

b. Intake pool: If the financial condition is not enough to spill the pool, families can choose the inlet swimming pool. This type of lake is used quite commonly, suitable for small areas. Compared to the lake surface, the lake water will be 10-15cm lower. The water filtration system is also simpler and more space-saving than the swimming pool, including the filter tank, the pump, the lake bottom drainage, the water supply hose, the sanitary equipment, the lights, the stainless steel ladder, and the water inlet.

Advantages: This type of swimming pool is quite safe in terms of electrical system and can also be installed with other equipment.

c. Non-piped swimming pool: This type of pool has many disadvantages such as only for a small area, not winding, not angular; make a loud noise; aesthetics are not high; poor water filtration; the water is lower than the lake wall, so it is easy to choke water due to the wave reflection; other devices cannot be installed. The safety level of this lake is also quite poor, easy to leak electricity. Therefore, this type of lake is usually only used in the short term.

Advantages: Simple installation and low cost.

Experience 2: Choose the pool shape

Some popular swimming pool shapes such as circle, rectangle, oval, ellipse, and curling shape … Currently, the shape of the swimming pool is the most popular for families.

Some styles of swimming pools today. Image: Internet
Experience 3: Pool construction materials

a. Concrete materials

Concrete is the most commonly used material when designing swimming pools thanks to its durability and ability to build as much as you want. However, this type of swimming pool has the disadvantage of quickly growing moss, costing cleaning and having to regularly use cleaning chemicals.

b. Fiberglass material – fiberglass

The pool water is cleaner when you make a swimming pool from fiberglass because this fiber has the ability to prevent algae growth and reduce the amount of disinfectant chemicals. Besides, installation time is also quite fast, only about 5 weeks and requires little repair or maintenance. However, the shape of the swimming pool is limited and the high cost is the disadvantage of this type of pool.

c. Vinyliner material – specialized plastic

The advantages of specialized plastic are easy to design, cheap, safe for health and capable of limiting algae growth. This type of material has the disadvantage of being easily damaged, so it will affect the life of the swimming pool equipment.

xây hồ bơi, hồ bơi, xây hồ bơi gia đình,kinh nghiệm xây bể bơi
Selection of pool construction materials depending on the needs of each homeowner. Image: Internet
d. Pool roof

Currently, the three most popular types of swimming pool roofs are the canvas roof, the glass roof, and the polycarbonate roof. The canvas roof is quite popular, diverse in colors and designs, is cheap, easy to install and use. The tempered glass roof helps to capture natural light, creating the feeling of a wider and more open space. The cost of installing the glass roof is not expensive, long life, and has good bearing capacity.

Meanwhile, the roof made of polycarbonate plastic sheet is capable of blocking ultraviolet radiation, safe for the health of swimmers. Moreover, this type of roof also has many advantages such as light weight, good heat insulation, ductility, bearing strength 250 times better than glass, with a lifespan of about 25 years.

xây hồ bơi, xây dựng hồ bơi, hồ bơi gia đình, hồ bơi công cộng
Experience in building swimming pools. Image: Internet
e. Pool paving materials
The tiling pool not only helps anti-slip, extremely good waterproofing for the swimming pool, but also increases the aesthetics of the project. VRO Company has launched VRO Floor & Roof Tiles (GL – VRO), which is high-grade reinforced concrete, so the brick has good bearing capacity, no shrinkage, no breakage, durable to impact. environment. Very suitable for choosing pool paving.
kinh nghiệm xây bể bơi, Gạch lát sàn & mái tiêu nhiệt tốt, chống nóng, chống trơn hiệu quả GL-VRO
GL-VRO floor tiles are widely used for swimming pool constructions, roofing against heat. Experience in building swimming pools
Experience 4: Construction timing and cost

For a family swimming pool, the time of construction depends entirely on financial conditions and the wishes of the owner.

However, to minimize the risks from weather and surroundings, homeowners should construct the swimming pool around the end of autumn, from September to December so that the finishing takes place at the end of January next year and In the summer, the swimming pool can be completely put into use.

Usually, the construction time of a 6x3m small family swimming pool is about 1 month, the process of rough construction and pipe installation is done in parallel.

In terms of costs, at present, the cost of materials and labor to build swimming pools is about 2,800,000 VND / m2 to 3,500,000 VND / m2, depending on the area.

The cost of building a package swimming pool ranges from 5,000,000 VND / m2 to 8,000,000 VND / m2 depending on the requirements of the owner and the scale of the work.

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