Technology transfer of EPS foam core brick G-VRO

Like other forms of VRO’s technology transfer, in the segment of unburnt brick, VRO Construction Joint Stock Company hopes to cooperate with other companies and agents to the transfer copyrights and production line of EPS foam core brick G-VRO not only domestic but also abroad. Let’s find out more about our technology transfer of EPS […]

Technology transfer of EPS foam core voided slab S-VRO

In the construction field, when it comes to flat slab, customers are getting more familiar with the exclusive EPS foam core voided slab technology developed by VRO Group. It is the technology of large span flat slab S-VRO with EPS foam core. In order to introduce this S-VRO technology to more construction projects, we always […]

Design and build with application of VRO’s technology

In addition to creation of exclusive technologies such as Large span flat slab VRO (S-VRO) and unburnt EPS foam core brick VRO (G-VRO), we are also experts in Design and build applyied with VRO technology as following: 1.Consultancy and construction design according to VRO technology: – Consulting on construction investment projects – Architectural, Structural, M&E design […]