Going through a long journey of research and development, VRO is very proud to be patented with the exclusive technology of voided slabs in construction material industry. In other words, VRO is the pioneer to manufacture and provide 3D panels of foam voids to construct flat-plate floor with long spans. First of all, this foam void forming system not only saves the cost for the Investors but also optimizes the operation spaces of the buildings. Besides, our products can be pre-fabricated at VRO’s factories and transported to the jobsite for installation or the manufacture can be conducted right at the jobsite. So, let’s check out all the superior advantages that foam voided slabs can bring to the owners, engineers and builders. 

Voided slabs – Foam voided slabs VRO (S-VRO)

Comparison of formwork cost between voided slab S-VRO and traditional slab

  1. Advantages of S-VRO foam voided slabs 

– Optimizing architectural space

– Reducing the floor-to-floor heights because flat-plate floors don’t have loading beam, thus saving materials and energy

– Increase the number of floors at the same designed height of the building, then increase the operation efficiency

– Longer floor span (can reach 20m)

– Simple formwork, fast construction and clean jobsite

– Reduce the volume of works at site

– Higher bearing capacity

– Using eco-friendly unburnt materials

– Reduce the finishing volume

– No need to install false ceiling but still has very good sound and heat insulation

– Production following a standard process with strict quality control

– The input materials have clear origins with due C/O

– Optimal architectural space

Voided slabs – Foam voided slabs VRO (S-VRO)

Advantages of S-VRO

2. S-VRO Series:

a. Structure and application of S-VRO S1

Voided slabs – Foam voided slabs VRO (S-VRO)

Structure & application of S-VRO S1

*Video of S-VRO S1

b. Structure and application of S-VRO S2 và S-VRO S3

Voided slabs – Foam voided slabs VRO (S-VRO)

Structure & application of S-VRO S2 and S3

*Video of S-VRO S2

2.  Construction procedure simulation

3. Actual construction video

4. Quality cerfiticates


foam voids by S-VRO

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