Experience in building a family swimming pool


Family pools are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. To own a beautiful, quality, safe and cost-effective swimming pool, you should learn carefully before building. Today, the VRO will introduce you to some useful experiences to build a family pool. Experience 1: Choose a swimming pool that suits your needs There are 3 […]

Voided slab & lightweight brick – Vietbuild 2017


Following the success of VRO at Vietbuild 2016, this year, VRO is extremely excited to be present at the 3D Panel VRO booth, beamless floors, large span floors – 3D Panel VRO construction technology at Vietbuild exhibition – Hanoi in 2017. VRO is currently holding a booth at 663 – 664, A4 area 1 Do […]

VRO flat-plate voided slab- Vietbuild 2018


Another year, VRO accompanies the Vietbuild Hanoi 2018 held at the National Construction Exhibition Palace – 01 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. With the criteria of Integration – Technology – Peak, VRO’s flat-plate voided slab technology has always been upgraded to be more and more perfect to meet all types of projects. This […]

Voided slab & lightweight brick – Vietbuild 2019


Following the success and the enthusiastic response from customers and partners with VRO 2018 booth, Vietbuild 2019 will promise to have many breakthroughs and new things in technology – solutions of VRO such as Flat Floor & Unburnt Brick. With the presence of the product G-VRO foam core unburnt brick is considered one of the […]

What is the best waterproofing solution?


From the first stage of building a house, waterproofing solution should be but one of the first priorities. The material chosen is not only about avoiding the penetration of moisture and water but also about heat and sound insulation. So, what is the best waterproofing solution for the building? In Vietnam, the Southside features hot […]

What is a voided slab S-VRO?


In Vietnam, voided slabs are still considered a new structural solution bringing great benefits to users such as: fast construction, long spans, optimal architecture spaces and reasonable prices. The following article will help you understand more about flat-plate floor technology in Vietnam.  Why are they called Voided Slabs? Structural solution for floors is a very important […]